Boat Upholstery in Perth

When you are looking for a way to modernise the look of your vessel, try updating the boat upholstery in Perth. Your boat upholstery will not last forever and sometimes you may just need a change! With a simple change in your upholstery, it can feel like you are enjoying a whole new boat.

Vinyls are common in boats because they can withstand moisture and the more harsh conditions a marine environment can offer. One of the most durable options in terms of vinyls is naugahyde. Naugahyde products are very tough and can take exposure to the elements. Other types of vinyls are foam backed and pleated vinyls.

Fabric upholstery may be more your style than vinyl. With different weights, styles, colours and finishes, you will certainly find something you will like for your boat. Inside cabin carpeting can be stain proof, spill spoof and even semi water proof. It can also have antibacterial properties which can be important in moist, marine environments. With a wide variety of colours, you can really make your boat stand out and look brand new.

If you are not interested in carpeting on the floor, there is also the option of non-slip rubber flooring and even carpet-like products that look like carpet, but offer tougher or more practical solutions to your needs.

When deciding to purchase new boat upholstery in Perth, the possibilities may only be limited by your imagination as you can even get custom upholstery. No matter what you do, any small change can make your boat look new!