Quality boat clears in Perth!

When in the market for quality boat clears in Perth, you should be aware of the options and types of boat clears out there. There are three main types of clears available each with their own benefits. Ideally you will be able to find a clear that suits your needs and meets your budget. The three types of clears are calendared clear, extruded clear and pressed polished sheet clear.

Calendared clears come in a roll and is usually the cheapest option of all clears. They are strong and ideal for cafe blinds, party boats, house boats, real deck clears and other places where clarity is not an extreme issue as they do have slight visual distortion. They can be totally clear or tinted, which may be able to help with heat issues in cabins and enclosed areas.

Extruded clears are typically mid-price ranges. Also in rolls, they have no distortion and are visually transparent. It is a heavy-duty option and will stand up to harsh conditions. These clears can come in widths up to 2 metres and is mainly used as a front screen due to its clarity and ability to roll up easily.

Pressed polished sheet clears do not come in rolls, but in sheets. These are on the higher end in terms of cost, but also the highest quality and most durable of all clears. These are stiffer than other types of clears, but can still be rolled for convenience. These clears offer superior visual clarity and are the toughest boat clears in Perth.