Types of Boat Davits in Perth

If you spend a lot of time on the water, you have probably seen a wide variety of boat davits in Perth. Davits have always been designed to fit on a ships deck, and over the years have evolved into different types and designs for different uses. Today, there are usually four recognised types of davits.

The type called GRA davits, or gravity roller track davits, lowers a boat by using gravity. This type of davit is free-standing and consists of two davit arms. It is supported by a davit stool, electric winch, hydraulic cylinders and a hydraulic power pack unit. They are lower in weight than other gravity based systems.

The second type of davit is called an SPG or single pivot gravity davit. This type of davit is usually great for fitting into different deck spaces. This davit juts out over the side of a boat on a single pivot joint.

The FFD or free fall davit is the third common type. These davits are characterised by arms that swing a lifeboat out over the water away from the mother ship. It then drops it into the water below.

Quadrantal davits, known as QD, are the old mechanical style of davit. It uses a crank system that is manipulated by hand. They are still used in service and typically used for smaller loads and found on smaller boats.

Davits are indispensible when it comes to modern shipping. Typically used for life boats and cargo, you will see many boat davits in Perth.