Typical Uses for Boat Cranes in Perth

If you own or work on a large vessel, you may have use for boat cranes in Perth. Boat cranes can be used for a variety of reasons including loading and unloading cargo from your boat. Cranes are also set up and installed on docks for other marine uses. Most boat cranes that are used are electric hydraulic or diesel hydraulic.

Boat cranes are typically made of aluminium as that gives the cranes maximum weight efficiency. Depending on the type of crane you are working with, you will be able to lift from 1 tonne up to 40 tonnes or more. Typically these cranes can be purchased as a stock piece or can be designed especially for your personal needs. They can work via cable or radio remote control.

The main uses for boat cranes in Perth are for loading and unloading ships. From very large cargo ships that carry the largest equipment like vehicles or large construction equipment to small telescoping cranes for personal yachts or commercial fisherman, there are 1000s of uses for these cranes. All of your loading needs will be met with a good quality boat crane. Different types of booms, like stiff booms, telescopic booms, and foldable knuckle telescopic booms will further open up the items you can load and unload onto your ship.

With a long lifetime, versatility and reliability, a new boat crane may be just what you need for personal use or as a great investment for your shipping or marine based business.